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Master Facebook Live Gaming at FB.gg!

What works to get our live gaming streams viral on Facebook? This course shows what I have learned so far in 100+ streams on Facebook.
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Master of SEO

How do 2+ million viewers see what I create for free each month on Google and YouTube? What really works in the world of inbound marketing and content creation? Where do we get started building a lifetime supply of organic search clicks? Why do strategies based on competition consistently fail while a mindset of abundance and collaboration shows us more opportunities than we could ever imagine? When is the right time to create? Who is capable of making a self-sustaining business online founded upon visitors from the world's largest two search engines which are Google and YouTube? Will you please enroll in this course because you will love getting all the answers to these questions and specific strategies featuring the best of what I have learned in SEO and Search Engine Marketing during 7 years as an entrepreneur online?
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Start Live Streaming Online Today!

Is live streaming the best chance today to build a following from zero and start a full time business online at home? Google via YouTube, Facebook, Amazon via Twitch, and Microsoft with Mixer have all made big investments in having their own live streaming service which seems to be suggesting that live streaming is a huge opportunity today that most are unaware of. These top web companies all see that audiences are trending into the most interactive formats like live streams of games, music, and talk shows. Viewers are starting to get in the habit of making consistent and generous donations to streamers making a career or business in live streaming one of the best opportunities available today. Advertisers are starting to shift ad dollars away from pre recorded media like YouTube videos and banner ads online into live streams where impressions are guaranteed to reach engaged viewers. The insurance company Geico has already jumped on the chance to get a lot of viewers on Twitch by launching "Geico Gaming." YouTube just launched a series of tools to help creators monetize live streams after years of depending totally on ad revenue. Facebook just launched their own gaming service at fb.gg to get more gamers to stream on Facebook. Microsoft is now sending millions of viewers into Mixer from Xbox. If you have been thinking about live streaming or gotten started already without the results you hoped for, will you please watch this class because you will love the inspiration and practical tips we cover based on my experience streaming online for years? Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class! Love, Jerry Banfield
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Protect your WordPress Blog from Brute Force Attacks

Brute force attacks on WordPress websites are very frequent as it is one of the easiest way for hackers to take control of your site, which might have already been compromised without your knowledge. A brute force attack consists on trying to login repeatedly in a WordPress blog guessing the username and password using software. When these attacks happen, your server's memory goes through the roof, causing performance problems and even the server dying. Protecting your WordPress site from brute force attacks is not only a security measure you should take today, but also a speed optimization initiative. After you have completed the class it will take you less than 10 minutes to be 100% protected from brute force attacks. In this class your project will be to explain in a few lines what you have learned in the class. This class is for administrators/owners of WordPress sites who should have access to one that is already installed and running. Brute force attack protection when installing a new WordPress blog will be the subject of another class.
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The Complete YouTube Course: Make Viral Videos and Rank #1 on YouTube!

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you might love this course! When you take this course now, you lifetime access to principles and strategies responsible for bringing me over 3 million YouTube views, over 15,000 subscribers, and 10,000+ sales. You can apply what you learn in this course to whatever you are doing! Students posting discussions in the course now are mostly using YouTube as a hobby or for business and hoping to eventually make money by uploading videos.
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Facebook Ads and Marketing 2017

Enroll in this complete Facebook marketing and advertising class for 2017 to see the best of what works for me on Facebook with 2+ million likes and 200,000+ free organic post reach each month at https://www.facebook.com/jbanfield. The class begins with what I think is the best Facebook marketing strategy for 2017 by using live video in the publishing tools on a Facebook page or personal profile. If you are not able or interested in making live video on Facebook, the next best Facebook marketing method is building deeper relationships with existing friends and new friends using a Facebook profile. Watch as I demonstrate my Facebook messenger strategy to promote my podcast free to my most active Facebook friends. Look inside the exact message I send and see how I suggest adapting it to get clients for social media marketing the way I did to recruit hundreds of clients worldwide to hire me for help with Facebook advertising. In less than 5 minutes from when I start sending the messages, watch as people I have not spoken with in months or even ever instantly respond with a promise to try my new podcast. Learn how Facebook groups are the best way to use a Facebook profile to do both networking and learning as a part of niche communities. Hear the story of how as a member of the Udemy studio Facebook group I learned from instructors making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Udemy and copied their exact strategies all the way to the point of mysteriously leaving Udemy as they did. For organic post reach, Facebook groups are the easiest way to make what you share arrive in the newsfeed of other people for free. Want to see the insides of marketing a Facebook page to get the most free post reach? Start with a look at what works best for me in marketing my Facebook page followed by a Facebook page insights tutorial looking at how I am getting organic post reach from 500,000+ people in the USA each month that have never liked my page! Get a look at how I create my page posts both simply and for maximum impact with just using a few words and links. Analyze how I make a quick Facebook profile photo for my page with my face and then discover my philosophy for creating an ideal Facebook cover photo with a size of 828 by 315 pixels currently. This graphic design tutorial at the end will show you how I use https://canva.com as listed in my https://jerrybanfield.com/resources page to quickly use stock photos to make a Facebook page cover photo that highlights when I am live and where to find me! As you continue in the class, I will share hours of tutorials with you showing the best of what I know about Facebook ads all created within the last six months featuring first the newest tutorials from January 2017 and then a deeper look into how my ads have changed over time plus why I took a break from ads on Facebook! Finally, finish the class with my complete Facebook ads and marketing audio book from mid 2016 rendered into video format to help you go tease out the principles of success on Facebook!
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Best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies for 2017!

Would you like to see what SEO methods I use to get 200,000+ people to find me in organic search on Google and YouTube every month? Hear my Search Engine Optimization plans for 2017 to get to 300,000+ a month by the end of the year! Enjoy a tutorial featuring Google webmaster tools, Alexa, YouTube analytics, WordPress pages, Yoast SEO, Google search on a competitive term, answers about Fiverr backlink gigs, and more!
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How to Easily Optimize your Images and Accelerate your Website

Learn how you can easily save bandwidth and storage space on your server in optimizing images. Not only you will save resources on your server, but this will also dramatically improve your website’s load times. See how I have optimized 37.92 GB of 52,620 images for a single photo gallery website saving 21.62 GB and 57% total file size, consequently avoiding an inevitable hosting plan upgrade of $30 per month. I will show you how to optimize images on a regular website and a WordPress website using an online image optimization service. Applying what you learn in the class you can: save disk space and bandwidth to save money on your web hosting plan. have your website load faster, which will improve ranking in search engines. give a better user experience, especially for mobile users who will appreciate light-weight images and save bandwidth on their Internet plan when visiting your site. The project will be to explain in a few lines what you have learned in the class and tell use how many MB you have saved. The class will be useful for people who have a website with lots of images to optimize such as a photo gallery or a WordPress blog, and who want to save on hosting and speed-up their website.
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The Complete Fiverr Course: Beginner to Top Rated Seller!

Fiverr is easier to learn and use when you take this course because you get to see what works for top rated sellers! If you are hoping to use Fiverr to work online or build a business, I think you might love this course because it is the most complete Fiverr video course available online today! This course itself is a case study of what you can do with Fiverr because many of the videos in it were made using Fiverr. As a top Fiverr buyer, I show you exactly how I order gigs from many of the top sellers on Fiverr because I want you to see how Fiverr can work for you the way it does for me to make this course and I think hearing from the top sellers themselves is a powerful testimonial to what is possible on Fiverr. Gain key insights from Top Rated Sellers! No other Fiverr course gives you so many perspectives!
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$500 A Week Gaming and Editing Videos!

Will you take this course today because you will love learning how to monetize those thousands of hours you have spent gaming and applying for my $500 a week video editing job? Love, Jerry Banfield Note: The editing job with Jerry Banfield is already filled by someone, but you still can take the course to learn how to apply with other gamers, or even still apply with Jerry Banfield in the event he needs someone else. Do no take this course if your only motivation is to get the editing job.
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I Love Designing Shirts on Canva and PhotoShop to Sell on Redbubble + CafePress + TeeSpring!

How would you feel with the ability to create what you wear and share that with the world? I am so grateful today to be willing and able to design how I dress that I recorded this course with the hope to share that with you! Watch to hear the top 10 myths about having a T-shirt business online along with the very best of what I have learned after five years of selling and failing to sell merchandise online! Love, Jerry Banfield
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Set up an AdWords Manager Account to Manage Several Accounts

Learn how to set up your AdWords Manager account to manage several accounts from one interface. Instead of login in and login out of each individual account you can have now everything in one place with one login. This is very useful if you want to manage your personal account, your company account and your wife’s account, but also to manage client’s accounts. The project will be to explain in a few lines what you have learned in the class. The class will be useful for people using more than one AdWords account, and freelancers or small agencies running AdWords ads for clients.
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Genius in 21 Days!

Remember a time when your life was filled with happiness, joy, and freedom? I am grateful to live every single day like this now and share exactly how in Genius in 21 days! Out of all the courses I am teaching on, I think Genius in 21 days is the one you can use to get the best results in your life! I live my life each day according to what I share with you in this course and share the story of how that happened here with you now. Before I started applying what I talk about in Genius in 21 days, I lived a life of overachieving and frustration despite having everything I needed and most of what I wanted . Every goal I set was either soon reached or discarded in favor of another. I made two courses both of which were not selling and had a business online that was both successful in building an audience and close to failing financially. I got to a desperate place in my life where I knew I had to do better or face annihilation. That desperation brought me to surrender and admitting I needed help. I prayed for help only because I was so desperate I did not know what else to do. Instead of my usual prayers which were more like a wishlist, I offered myself up as willing to do anything in order to receive that help. Within a few minutes, I saw that anything certainly would include going to a support group for one of my worst bad habits. As a member of that support group, I found a place full of people of all different types who were living a life that seemed happy, joyous, and free from nearly all of the problems I faced myself. After a few months of just showing up and not really listening, I repeated the same struggle I had for most of my life which brought me back to surrender. To get to surrender again took weeks of some of the worst insanity I have experienced in my life. To fully pay attention to how spiritually, emotionally, and mentally sick I was after a lifetime of trying to ignore it and numb the pain was torture. I prayed relentlessly for help during this time saying over and over again I would do anything in return for relief from the insanity. Each time I prayed, I would then remember something I had heard at a support group meeting before. Finally, understanding came out of frustration. If I wanted a life like the people in my support had full of peace and serenity, I simply had to do what they did. I soon witnessed miracles happen in my life as I started trying more new behaviors and ways of thinking in just few months than I had in my entire adult life. Bad habits that I struggled with for most of my life suddenly disappeared with just a little bit of daily effort once I was aware of them and honestly took a look at them. My relationships with my wife, family, and friends got better than I ever would have believed possible. Take genius in 21 days now if you want to find this same miracle within yourself. You might enjoy that the course is taught with a simple "do as I do" approach that shows you one day at a time one thing I do that helps me a lot in my daily life and gives you a simple way to try it out for yourself. For example, one day focuses on accepting uncertainty and shows you where you can find resistance to uncertainty in your life today. Another talks about the power of gratitude and shows you where you can find opportunities to be thankful today. You might get a laugh out of that fact that nearly every day I make the lectures for one of the days in the course, I get a very pointed lesson in that subject myself. For example, the one day I talked about how helpful meditation was for falling asleep, I found myself wide awake in bed that night using it to fall asleep and laughing that I would need it most on the day I made the lectures about it. If you want to discover your true potential as a genius equal to Albert Einstein? Take this course today to quickly discover where your inner genius is hidden and to start showing the world your true potential! You will discover what you have in common with the greatest geniuses in the world like Albert Einstein, Steven Hawking, and Steve Jobs when you are a student in this course! Each day, you use three lectures to give you inspiration to try something new in your life. The power of this course is realized in your life when you combine what you learn across each day into a way of living that allows your true self to be free in the world! This course is based on the idea that you already are your inner genius at the deepest level of who you are. You walk with me in this course in dropping the negative ideas you have about yourself and seeing that being an amazing person that makes a significant contribution to the world is more about effort and less about talents you are born with. You will be amazed with this course before you are halfway through! I lead by example in the course and simply explain to you what I do in my life that works for me. While tests told me I was a genius, I never lived it until I started getting to know myself. What I found shocked me. The test results in my life that had told me how smart I was actually held me back. In thinking I was so smart, I rarely thought it important to be a humble person that was willing to do good work and who felt connected to the universe. It turns out this is all you really need to be a genius according to the people most consider to be geniuses. Here are several Albert Einstein quotes that highlight this. "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." "Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character." "Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty." "The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind." "It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer." "The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education." "A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be." Take this course now to discover your inner genius today!
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Instagram! What did I learn getting 18,000 followers?

Would you like to avoid the mistakes I made building thousands of followers on Instagram and learn immediately what works to grow a community over time by honestly sharing the gifts you uniquely possess for the world in your photos? Join me as I share everything I have learned after two years of being on Instagram in this class!
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Podcast and Vlog Live on YouTube and Facebook with Wirecast and Buzzsprout!

Would you like to learn how to launch and grow your vlog and/or podcast on YouTube and Facebook live along with being available on iTunes? Watching this course I hope will help with motivation to get started, a simple way to promote a podcast to friends, an easy way to go live on Facebook with 2 clicks, highlighting the importance of feedback, and sharing inside exactly how I have made 142 podcast episodes in a row along with doing many live on Facebook and YouTube!
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How to Install the New Facebook Pixel on WordPress Easily

In this class you will learn what the new Facebook pixel is, how to use it and why using it. You will then learn how to easily install the Facebook pixel on a WordPress blog using a recommended free plugin in order to build an audience for remarketing, optimize your Facebook ads and track conversions. You will understand how the Facebook pixel works and how to use different events like View Content, Lead and Registration.
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Self-Publish Books on Amazon Kindle and CreateSpace Today!

Will you see how I self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle and paperback with CreateSpace in less than 2 hours? With now 10+ books self-published on Amazon Kindle which are also available in print on demand format through CreateSpace, I am honored to quickly show you how to make the final step to getting a book self published today using Kindle Direct Publishing along with CreateSpace.
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Teach Full Time Online with Thinkific!

Would you like to see how to start teaching online today because this is the most effective way I have found to build a business online after trying over 90 other methods? Use this course to gain motivation to start a new business teaching video courses online or to scale up an existing system! What will you love about this course? Join me in starting FROM ZERO as I film the first video BEFORE I EVEN SIGNED UP for Thinkific to having earned $11,637 28 days later! As I am updating this description on August 1, 2017 the new total is $27,027.00 making this the fastest I have ever earned money online starting a new venture in 6 years! After 3 years of hosting my courses on websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Stackskills, Curious, Skillsuccess, Amazon Video Direct for Amazon Prime customers, and Teachable, today I can say with confidence that Thinkific is the best for earning income because I have complete control over my school! How long did it take me to earn $10,000 teaching on other websites? On Udemy, it took me over a year to make my first $10,000 despite thousands of hours of work and almost ten of thousands of dollars advertising. On Skillshare it took well over a year even with 80 classes to make $10,000. On Stackskills making over $10,000 required partnering with other instructors to teach technical courses on Linux and ethical hacking. On Curious and Skillsuccess I still have not made over $10,000 even though my Curious account went up in 2014! With Amazon Video Direct, even though hundreds of thousands of minutes have been watched by Amazon Prime customers, I still have not even earned $1,000 in over six months! To make $10,000 on Teachable took about six months but the interface was so bad I deleted my school rather than continue to trudge through it. With Thinkific, it took less than four weeks to earn over $10,000 by making a few videos on my YouTube channel previewing the course! If that is not enough, Thinkific makes it easy to setup email automation, course certificates, reviews, subscriptions, lifetime access bundles, and discussions. The Thinkific system for hosting courses is so amazing that I have stopped uploading my courses anywhere else to focus primarily on creating value here! When you take this course, you will see inside exactly what I did during my first month on Thinkific in a vlog style class following along my progress. What I hope you get out of this course is motivation combined with practical tips to launch and scale your own school online! Thank you very much for reading this! Will you enroll in the course now because I think you will love it?
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Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork, and Fiverr!

You can learn to work successfully as a freelancer online using WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr by taking this course! Freelancing online is the best thing that has ever happened to my career because I now have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime using my WordPress website, YouTube channel, Upwork profile, and Fiverr gigs. You can use this course to build a complete system that works for you today to get started and advance your work as a freelancer online based on what is working for me today. If you want to get an hourly job you can work online that pays more than what you are doing right now, you might find the Upwork section of the course very helpful. If you immediately want to have something to show for your work online, you might enjoy learning how you can make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs. If you want a business system where clients find you and all you have to do is show what you do on your website and on YouTube, the WordPress and YouTube sections will powerfully combine for you the way they do for me! If you are hiring freelancers to grow your business online or you are serving clients now, you can use this course to build a system for quickly hiring freelancers to help you! I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork and spent $5,000+ on Fiverr buying gigs to allow me to spend more time doing the most valuable work. I have managed hundreds of clients and learned the hard way what works and what does not work to scale a freelancing business online.
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Would you like to BE EMPLOYED for the rest of your life doing work you love every day? Thank you for giving me that gift which I hope to return to you here in my first online course exploring deep inside how I made the transition from being an unhappy employee to doing the creative work I love every day for you! This is a simple class designed to hold your hand as we walk together in leaving the world of hunting for jobs we dread going to behind and enter a new world of being employed doing what we love. The first step requires a deep INVENTORY in learning exactly what our skills are now, what they have been in the past, and what they could be in the future. Next, we look to our RELATIONSHIPS to guarantee us employment for life as we ask favors and build depth in what we give to our friends and family. Then, we take a leap of faith in doing the work to be DISCOVERED instead of hunting down potential employers and clients to pay us. We see how the cycle of hunting for jobs limits our ability to reach our true potential and we explore new methods of taking the same energy we used to stay on the hunt to instead attract potential employers directly to us. Finally, we combine all of what we have learned into a new understanding and practice daily of what it means to be employed in service of our fellow human beings. For money, we trust that when we do the best we can, we will have ENOUGH to continue making our BEST contribution on a daily basis while being HAPPIER than we ever imagined. Together we end the class in gratitude for time spent giving our gifts to each other and go forward with courage in making the better world our hearts know is possible using our mind as a sharply focused tool for crafting the unique artwork we contribute! Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy the class! Sincerely, Jerry Banfield
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Make More and Work Less! My Time Management and Productivity Skills!

You might love this course if you want to honestly see what it takes to be more productive, manage your time more effectively, and discover what works for me to get more done with less time and effort. As a student in this course, you will get an answer to every question you ask and be encouraged to test out every tip I give you that works for me. See both my successes and failures in living a productive life and take this opportunity to really discover what kind of productivity and time management habits you have! When you take this course and try doing some of what I do each day, you can unlock your maximum potential. You will be amazed before you are halfway through your journey of getting to know yourself and discovering all of your productivity habits as a student in this course. Thank you for reading this and I hope to see your discussion question posted in the course in a few minutes! Love, Jerry Banfield
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Twitter Marketing in 2017 with ManageFlitter for Following + Unfollowing + Scheduling Tweets!

Would you like to see how I am doing my Twitter marketing for 2017 using ManageFlitter to help me unfollow 70,000+ accounts at https://twitter.com/JerryBanfield, follow with no effort every month, and schedule tweets easily using analytics showing what my best times to schedule are? I hope watching this class will help you for using Twitter productively in 2017!
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