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Master Facebook Live Gaming at!

Discover how Facebook live gaming at helps gamers turn a hobby into a career!

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What works to get our live gaming streams viral on Facebook? This course shows what I have learned so far in 100+ streams on Facebook at


Jerry Banfield

About the Instructor

Jerry Banfield Teaches 82 Classes Online.

Jerry started his business online in 2011 while working on his PhD to help people with video game addiction. Since then, over 1% of people on earth (100+ million) have seen something he has created from his Facebook ads, to his viral gaming videos, to his Happier People podcast featuring inspirational videos, to his free tutorials with millions of views!
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About this course

Master Facebook Live Gaming at! is sold at the University of Jerry Banfield.

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What's included?

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Live Streaming Games on Facebook.
Facebook gaming live from beginner to advanced in this course!
3 mins
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How much can we make streaming games on Facebook.
5 mins
3 mins
Facebook gaming streamer dashboard!
8 mins
Level up program basics and FAQ.
9 mins
Live Streaming Equipment and Software!
Live streaming equipment and software.
10 mins
Best Live Streaming Studio Setup for Gaming on Facebook with
15 mins
Watch streams to learn the user experience and connect.
10 mins
OBS Facebook Live Gaming Alerts Setup.
13 mins
OBS Scene, Source, Camera, and Audio Setup including Limiting.
14 mins
Going Viral on a Facebook Live Stream!
Go Viral on Facebook Gaming Live Streams Interacting with Shares and Comments.
9 mins
Facebook stars viral game footage.
5 mins
Record highlight videos and spotlight them on the gaming creator page to convert new viewers.
3 mins
Videos 3+ minutes can earn revenue and go viral!
3 mins
Facebook page insights and getting through the dip after a viral stream!
10 mins
Going Further with Live Streaming on Facebook.
Automatic Discord Notifications from Facebook Live Gaming via Level Up Streamer!
6 mins
Achieving Facebook live gaming partner and managed creator status!
7 mins
Join Level Up Gaming Creators Facebook group to enhance learning.
4 mins
Making Money Live Streaming on Facebook.
5 ways to make money gaming on Facebook live.
13 mins
#1 way to make money online as a live streamer.
13 mins
Best ways for streamers to earn money online with a website.
17 mins
Streamlabs processes donations instantly and has awesome alerts.
6 mins
A mentor is invaluable for success streaming on Facebook.
10 mins
You have got this! What next?
4 mins

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